rot13labs is a small shop in Florida that specializes in building and designing small electronics for hackers. This includes everything from USB hacking tools to electronic conference badges. Follow us on twitter for upcoming projects and places to get them!


A small selection of some of the electronics we have designed and built. For setup instructions or product details on any of these items, please visit our setup page.


rot13labs will be attending defcon 30. We will be selling the new Hackbutt badge as well as Vidar units and DefCon exclusive Vidar kits to be made at the hardware hacking village.

If its your first year at DefCon, or if you just asking nicely, we may also have DC30 keychains to pass out. More information on how to get these can be found by following @c0ldbru on twitter.


Keychains are our fun way to give something back to the community. Each year we design and build a "Hacker Challenge Keychain" with various puzzles on it to solve that we pass out to people at DEFCON.

Getting the puzzles off of the keychain is the first challenge. For some this may be simple and for others this may involve learning new things. If this is your first time working on NOR flash chips, I would recommend starting your searches by looking into the CH341A programmer.

What do you get for solving the challenge? Pride, mainly. Theres no secret party at the end or bitcoin to collect, although we do usually make a small batch of "winner" keychains in unique colors for the first few people who can prove they solved it. These special keychains contain the puzzles that didnt make the cut as well as a selection of puzzles we worked on that inspired these keychains.